Wash Basins and Bathroom Vanities

Here you will find bathroom vanities and wash basins in a genuine old style. A timeless and classic bathroom is both easy on the eyes, but also a good choice for the environment and the budget since the classic style not will be outdated. With us you will find a well-stocked selection of old-fashioned wash basins and bathroom vanities. Welcome!

Old fashioned models and sizes of sinks in porcelain - Sekelskifte

Antique bathroom vanities and wash basins

We have a wide range of antique bathroom vanities and wash basins in various designs and models. Whether you're looking for a bathroom vanity or a wash basin in an old-fashioned style or want to buy a small antique porcelain sink, we have what you're looking for. We have both single and double bathroom vanities, as well as other smaller porcelain wash basins that fits perfectly in a classic bathroom. Check out our range above and don't miss the rest of our classic bathroom furniture here. 

Elevate your bathroom with a classic porcelain wash basin 

With a classic, antique porcelain wash basin, you can give your bathroom a proper lift and let it be characterized by the classic turn-of-the-century style and get a unique appearance. Find a really nice, classic wash basin in an old style here in our range and choose from several models from several different manufacturers, such as Burlington, Heritage or New Victoria. Complete with our wash basin mixers in an old style and find your favorite combination. If you're looking for a classic sink with a cabinet in the same style, you'll also find bathroom vanities in our range.

The history of bathrooms

In the case of bathrooms, it may be a challenge to completely choose interiors from the correct time period, since the bathroom's entry into the Swedish homes came quite late. However, around the turn of the century (if one could afford) people began to build a laundry room in the home, where there was a washbasin and a dressing table. Laundry facilities often had a separate hot and cold water tap. They were deep and had a raised back edge that protected against splashing water. Here are several classic models and sizes of sinks in porcelain.


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