Floor Lamps

Below you find our classic floor lamps. The lamps are newly manufactured after models from the period late 1800s through the 1920s. We have a large selection of old-fashioned floor lamps that are time-typical accurate. With a focus on details and good quality, we only offer the best options for those looking for classic floor lamps in retro style.

Classic floor lamps with a vintage feel

In our range of classic lighting, you will find beautiful spot lighting in the form of old-fashioned floor lamps – an interior detail that adds as much vintage feel as it does coziness. Classic floor lamps are stylish and easy to move as needed. Let them stand in the darkest corners of your home or strategically placed next to an armchair where you can sink in with a good book and a warm cup of your favorite drink.

Old-fashioned floor lamps in classic style

Our old-fashioned floor lamps have a classic, time-typical twisted double-insulated 3-core textile cord. The wall plug is grounded and made of a thermoplastic material resembling bakelite. Together, they help achieve the classic look that characterizes antique floor lamps from the previous turn of the century.

Brass floor lamps

Our classic floor lamps come in polished but otherwise untreated brass. The floor lamps will therefore darken over time as the surface oxidizes, giving the lamps a patina that adds a time-typical feel.


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