Flower pots & Vases

Explore our collection of carefully crafted flower pots and vases that will transport you to the early 1900s. Choose from a variety of beautiful pots and vases made of cast iron and glazed clay to create a timeless atmosphere.

Flower pots and vases from the turn of the century to the 1920s

Each flower pot and vase is carefully crafted to evoke an authentic sense of the time era.

The Art Nouveau style was popular during this period, characterized by organic shapes and natural motifs. It was common for flower vases and pots in this style to feature twisting flowers or leaves as decorations.

Another popular style from the turn of the century is Art Nouveau-inspired classicism, which combined the organic forms of Art Nouveau with more strict and geometric patterns. These vases and pots often had symmetrical designs and utilized materials such as marble or porcelain.

During the 1920s, the Art Deco style was highly popular and influenced the design of flower vases and pots as well. Art Deco is characterized by geometric shapes, stylized patterns, and the use of materials like glass, porcelain, and brass.

Bergs Potter - Scandinavian design and Italian craftsmanship

Be inspired by our exclusive flower vases and pots from Bergs Potter, which combine Scandinavian design with Italian craftsmanship. Each product is meticulously designed in Scandinavia and handcrafted in Tuscany. This fusion of cultures and craftsmanship results in exceptional quality and timeless design.

You can easily purchase our flower vases and pots online and create a nostalgic atmosphere in your home.


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