Linseed Oil, Linseed Soap & Linseed Wax

Our linseed oil products are made from pure, cleaned, Swedish raw linseed oil - completely free from additives or chemicals. Linseed oil is a great product to clean or maintain most materials. Here you will also find the multipurpose product linseed oil soap that can be used for cleaning everything from floor to kitchen and even to use for hand wash. Our linseed wax is very popular for, for example, wood flooring. In addition to providing a durable and water repellent surface that is easy to clean, the wax is also mixable, which means you can create your very own shade!

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Linseed oil 

Linseed oil is a fantastic product for cleaning or maintaining a variety of materials, such as for polishing outdoor furniture. At our store, you can buy pure linseed oil without any additives. We have a large selection of linseed oil varieties to choose from.

Linseed oil soap

Here, you can also buy linseed oil soap. Linseed oil soap is a universal cleaner that can be used for everything from cleaning floors and kitchens to hand washing. Linseed oil soap is gentle on both floors, the environment, and skin, and is biodegradable.

Linseed oil wax

Our linseed oil wax is very popular for treating wooden floors. In addition to providing a durable and water-repellent surface that is easy to clean, the wax is also mixable, which means you can create your own unique shade! We have linseed oil wax for different types of finishing results. Test the product on a small, hidden surface before using on a larger surface to ensure that you get the result you want.

In our range of linseed oil products, you will also find linseed oil paint for both indoor and outdoor use. Together with the other products in our range, you can create your dream home and allow yourself to travel back more than 100 years in time.


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