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Welcome to Sekelskifte, your favorite shop for classic light switches. We offer a wide range of vintage and period-correct light switches in various styles and materials such as porcelain and bakelite. Our light switches are up to date with the latest technology for electricity and safety. Let us help you preserve the unique style of your home with our light switches.

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Our Classic Light Switches

At Sekelskifte, we specialize in providing period-correct building and interior details for older houses and apartments. An essential part of this assortment is our classic light switches, which combine turn-of-the-century aesthetics with modern functionality and safety.

Create a Unique Feel with Our Light Switches

Renovating an older home often involves finding a balance between preserving the original style and updating the home to modern standards. Our light switches, made from materials such as porcelain and bakelite, are perfect for this. They suit different style preferences and interior needs, and help maintain the unique style of your home.

All our light switches adhere to the latest standards for electricity and safety, so you can feel secure with your choice. We also offer expert advice to help you find the right product for your home.

At Sekelskifte, everything revolves around joy, family, and entrepreneurship. We strive to offer genuine, high-quality products and a service that makes you feel part of the family. Welcome to explore our range of classic light switches!


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